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The Bloody Rip: A Gymnastics and Filmmaking Blog

The Bloody Rip Gymnastics and Filmmaking Blog
Please contact us if this is your photo. (We found it unattributed on Pinterest and would love to give credit to the photographer.)

Thanks for joining us as we expose abuse in gymnastics, show the power of friendship, and share some of our filmmaking adventures (and misadventures!) Follow along if you're a #gymnerd or curious about documentary filmmaking.

Flipping Out is a documentary about gymnastics, abuse, and the forty year friendship between Julie (the producer) and Amy (the director.) It comes from Magnificent Things LLC, and - so you are not confused - any contributions through Paypal will be funneled through Magnificent Things to this project.

We credit the name of Magnificent Things LLC to Honorable Rosemarie Aquilina. One of our favorite quotes from her as she presided over the Larry Nassar case in Michigan was:

"Leave your pain here and go out and do your magnificent things."

Thanks for joining us on our ride. YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT.

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